Bonds Septic and Portable Toilets, LLC

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Construction has slowed us down on the addition of new products

Red Mulch, Hardwood, Dyed


  -red dyed cedar

  -black dyed hardwood  

  -natural hardwood

  -brown dyed cedar

  -natural cedar

garden soil, compost

Garden Soil and 


Decorative Rock, River Rock


  -Masonry Sand

Topsoil, garden soil

Top Soil

decorative gravel, landscape material

River Rock 

We currently have 3 sizes of River Rock to choose from

    -pea gravel

    -1 1/2 



Concrete Rock, SB-2, Screenings

     -concrete rock



We offer a variety of landscape material. All items are sold by the half yard or in bulk. We also offer delivery, so give us a call @ 501-745-6151 for pricing to your home or business.